Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free Teacher Item

I got this idea from a teacher friend of mine, a few years back!  I believe she got the idea from a Mailbox Mag.!  (Love that resource!)  This year I made these adorable little signs to hang up with the message squares!  You can download them for free at my store on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Just click on the icon to the right of this post!  The children love having their parents and even siblings write little messages!  The day after conferences, my class and I go out into the hall and read the new messages!  I leave the message squares up until the end of April!  If I have a student, whose parents do not attend conferences, I have one of the specials teachers leave a message or another teacher that has a connection with that child!  That way every child has a message to feel good about.  When I take the squares down, I cut them apart and give them to the kids to take home!  It really makes you feel good to see their little eyes sparkle when they hear the message left just for them!
Happy Conferences!

Mary Ann

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