Straight Out of a Kindergartener's Mouth

I was helping one of my students log on to the computer today. As I sat in the tiny chair, she stands on her tiptoes to look down at my head. "Ms. Andrews, you have soooo many pretty colors in your hair. You have brown, GREY and that yellow!" I just smiled and said "Thank you." I guess it's time to go hit the salon!

I added a new desk to my room that sits away from where our class meets for whole group or independent work time.  The reason for the desk is for a student of mine who is having difficulties staying on task and socializing  a little too much!  Of course the children were all about the new DESK in our room and wanted to know all about it.  So, I explained that the desk is for any student that is having problems with making good choices.  I continued to say, "the desk DID NOT like to have naughty children sit with him," and a student yells out, "Desk do NOT have feelings!"


  1. LOL, I loved the comment about desk not talking! That is so cute! I hope you keep adding to this page.....can't wait to read some more! It is so entertaining being a Kindergarten teaching MOST truly never know what they will say! I'd love for you to follow me! I'm trying to hit 200 for a giveaway! I'm your newest follower!

  2. Thank you for your reply! I always wonder if anyone ever reads my little post! I'm glad to have you as a follower! I will be following you as soon as I finish typing! Wow, I would love to hit 200! Good luck!
    Mary Ann

  3. I too giggled over these and could write a book about all of the Great things I have heard over the years! I am now follower # 26!


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