Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grab my blog button!

Wow!  I just spent 2 hours making a "grab my button".  I just hope it works!  I've added several buttons from my Facebook Fan page!  When someone post their url on my FB Fan Page, I will visit their site and see if they have a Button for me to grab and then I  will add it to my blog!  I would love to have my button grabbed! If you grab my button, let me know and I will go grab yours!
If you don't have a button, check back tomorrow!  I will be posting a blog in very simple, nontech language on how to make a "Grab my Button" button!  And hopefully, it will help you to make your button within minutes!
                       Don't forget to grab my button and let me know where you added it!  So, I can go grab yours!

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