Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Partner Game with Teddy!

What am I to do with this class of mine?  I have 22 little social butterflies!
You know how it goes, every year you have that ONE kiddo that just has to talk.  It doesn't matter what the reward or the consequence is, that child will not stop talking!  You can sit that child next to the wall and he/she will still lean as far over as they can to just say one  word to the closes person that will listen, or just talk to the wall!  Well folks,  I have a class full!  Even the shyest child I have will carry on a conversation if a friend starts one.  Oh yeah, that's the other thing, they are all best buds!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love this group of kids.  They are the sweetest kiddos you could ask for.  They just talk ALL THE TIME!  So, this weekend, I came up with an idea for one of our centers.  I decided that my students will play partner games with our class Teddy and some of the other stuffed animals around the room.  I figured if they have to talk to their partner, it would only be one sided. In hopes to keep the noise level down! 
I know how important it is that students talk about their discoveries and what they are learning, but we have a new reading program this year. It has a small group center time built into the curriculum and the children working at independent stations have to be quiet.  And when you have a group like mine, that is not going to happen if you have partner games at these stations.  That is why I had to think of a way to incorporate my partner games without having partners!  I hope I haven't confused you too much.  Anyway,  I took some pictures of my kids today that had a chance to play with Teddy and Mr. Cow.  They loved it and they were quiet.  They did talk to the stuffed animals, but they whispered (I'm not sure why? I did not give that direction).  It was a lot of fun watching and listening.  One of my little girls even giggled and let Teddy know that she was winning!  If you think you and your kids would benefit from this activity you can check it out at the TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS website. The link to my products is over on the side bar, just click it and you will be there!

I plan to adapt many of my partner games so the children can play with Teddy!  I will add these to my TpT site as I complete them!
When they are finished playing the game, they will read the sentences to Teddy!  If you try this out, please let me know how it worked with your class!
Have a great night!

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